How To: Play as Falcon, Ness, and Lucas on Smash Bros Brawl

Play as Falcon, Ness, and Lucas on Smash Bros Brawl

In this video on Super Smash Bros Brawl (SSBB) for the Nintendo Wii, I showcase how Captain Falcon, Ness, and Lucas work, including their move properties and what I believe will be key strategies to learn with them in the long run. For Falcon/Ness, I show a bit of the differences from their Melee counterparts. Unfortunately, the camera ran out of space as I was doing Wario, so check out my Robot/Wario tutorial video instead for a full demonstration of Wario's moves!

I made this video only a few days after the Japanese version came out, and it's entirely possible everything I say in this video regarding strategies/strengths/weaknesses will turn out to be completely wrong in the long run. My experience with these characters in Brawl is fairly limited, but there was a cry for videos, so I made some! If you see this video in 2 years, don't laugh at my inexperience. :)

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