How To: Install the homebrew channel to your Wii

Install the homebrew channel to your Wii

In this video, we learn how to install the homebrew channel to your Wii. You will need: the Zelda twilight princess game, SD card, homebrew installer, and Wiibrew hack. First, go to Wiibrew and find where it says Twilight Hack underneath "homebrew". Go directly to download and install this on your computer. After this, type in "homebrew" and click the link to find the channel, then download it and save it to your computer. Now, go back to the Wii homebrew page and click where it says the twilight hack modification. Now, go to your desktop and open up the homebrew channel. Open the boot.elf and wiiload files and drag them to your SD card. Now, go to your Wii and insert the SD card. Copy the information on the card to the system, then go back to the main screen. Once here, start the Twilight Princess game and then you can use this while playing the game, enjoy!

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